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Hoya Wayetii, Wax Plant 14Ø hanging pot

Hoya Wayetii, Wax Plant 14Ø hanging pot

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Introducing the Hoya wayetii, a botanical masterpiece that adds an element of tranquility and exotic allure to any living space. Its gracefully cascading stems are adorned with elegantly pointed green leaves, each boasting a captivating dark red edge. This hanging houseplant promises to bring a sense of calm and sophistication to your surroundings.

In the right conditions, Hoya wayetii rewards you with clusters of sweetly scented burgundy flowers, enhancing the sensory experience of your space. Renowned as one of the easiest hoyas to cultivate, this wax flower thrives in bright spots, with a touch of direct sunlight in the morning or evening to encourage its delightful blooms.

Hoya wayetii is not only a visual delight but also a low-maintenance companion. During summer, maintain a consistently moist compost, allowing it to dry out slightly between waterings. In cooler months, adjust watering frequency, ensuring a good drink when the top half of the compost has dried out.

Regular misting enhances the well-being of this wax flower, and a monthly balanced liquid feed during summer provides the nutrients it craves. Keep your Hoya wayetii in a warm environment, above 10°C, to ensure its continued health and vitality. Elevate your living space with the grace and beauty of the Hoya wayetii, a hanging masterpiece that thrives with a touch of nature's care.

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