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Philodendron 'Florida Green’

Philodendron 'Florida Green’

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Originating from the lush landscapes of South America, the Philodendron 'Florida Green' stands as a captivating evergreen hybrid within the Araceae family. This striking plant boasts an impressive ornamental stature, characterized by its tall, graceful form and remarkable thick red stems.

When secured to a pole, the Florida Green transforms into a fast-growing botanical masterpiece, making it an effortless addition to your indoor greenery collection. Its low-maintenance nature ensures that caring for this Philodendron is a breeze. With its tropical allure, the Philodendron Florida Green promises to infuse your home with a touch of exotic charm. Embrace the beauty of the tropics within the comfort of your own space.

Light: A Philodendron can survive in low light but grows faster and looks better in medium light.

Water: Water once the top soil feels dry.

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